We are now accepting Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the scheme. We are seeking trained, registered teachers who have a quality teaching background with experience as a principal. Please complete an EOI HERE if you are interested in becoming an NZSTA ESS pool member.

Please note, completion of an EOI does not guarantee acceptance into the scheme. We will retain your details until there is a need for more pool members. At that time, we will contact you for a short telephone interview and if appropriate, follow through with referee checks.

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Additional information follows:
ESS pool member definition
A state or state integrated teacher/principal who is registered, holds a current practicing certificate and is not employed in a permanent position.

ESS pool member information
Pool members enter into a Retainer Contract with NZSTA (annual retainer is $6,000, paid termly $1,500). This is not an employment contract but an agreement for the pool member to be available for employment. There is no guarantee of work once on the scheme due to the nature of Emergency Staffing.

Principals are contracted as pool members to be available at short notice to provide emergency staffing in schools approved for ESS by NZSTA’s ESS National Coordinator.

Position time frames for an ESS pool member
The pool member agrees to accept a principal position as requested by NZSTA.

The pool member agrees to take up any position as requested by NZSTA for the period of time their services will be required by the board of the school concerned, up to a maximum of 10 weeks in any one engagement.

The pool member agrees to take up any such position as requested by NZSTA, as early as possible but no later than 5 days from the day the request was received, unless specifically agreed to.
Other employment
The pool member may undertake other employment when not employed by a school board in an ESS placement.

The ability to undertake other employment is however subject to the pool member being able to terminate such employment within 24 hours if required by NZSTA to take up a fixed-term placement under the ESS.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the National ESS Coordinator Lucienne Shelley should you have any queries on 021 190 7273 or lshelley@nzsta.org.nz.